GSCS gets exclusive approval from IKEA for ISO 28000 Certification

Global sustainable certification service Ltd. (GSCS) is a local partner of CERES GmbH, Germany has got approval from IKEA to conduct ISO 28000 certification audit. Global sustainable certification service Ltd. (GSCS) is the only certification body in Bangladesh to receive this exclusive approval from IKEA. GSCS is a pioneer to pursue accreditation with a range of oversight bodies around the world that have set exemplary standards for the industry.


ISO 28000 (specification for security management system for the supply chain)

ISO 28000 offers organizations whose business relates to the logistics industry, a framework to identify each aspect that is critical to the security assurance of their supply chains. These include financing, manufacturing and information management. Facilities for packing, storing and transferring goods on their way to locations via various modes of transportation are also included in this standard.

ISO 28000 is suitable to all sizes and types of organizations involved in purchasing, manufacturing, service, storage, transportation and/or sales processes wishing to implement and maintain a secure management system for their supply chain.

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