GSCS is the Member Firm of APSCA(Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors)

Global Sustainable Certification Services Ltd. (GSCS)  is a leading provider of assessment, Audit, inspection, certification, sustainability assessment and training services. GSCS is accredited by multiple International accreditation bodies around the world & managed by highly dedicated & experienced professionals . GSCS is a recognized ethical partner of a world-renowned company – CERES GmbH (

Global Sustainable Certification Service Ltd. (GSCS) is now the member firm of APSCA (Association of professional social compliance auditors).

APSCA is a collaboration between the audit firms, auditors, stakeholders, and customers of the social compliance audit industry, which play a vital role in assessing and improving workplace conditions throughout global supply chains. APSCA aims to maintain and raise the value, quality, consistency and integrity of the industry, by establishing professional certification standards for social compliance auditors and firms for which they work.

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